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About Guzo

I began to envision Guzo in 2007 during one of my frequent trips to the rural areas of Ethiopia.  The project took shape while filming a documentary about Ethiopia’s water crisis with an all-female film crew. On the pages of Guzo you will view a day in the intimate lives of six tribes – the Hamar, Tigray, Afar, Raya, Harrar, and Lasta Lalibela peoples – from their customs, culture, traditions and religious practices – to their dwellings, agricultural work and the startling landscape upon which they roam.  

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Discover the Beauty of Ethiopian Tribes

Hopefully through these images you’ll also feel the deep and essential beauty of my ancient peoples. Despite the revelatory grace and allure of the images, for the most part, they are unposed moments caught by the camera’s lens. I created Guzo for curious and like-minded people, for Ethiopians like myself who are raised abroad, and for my own children – who I hope will one day have the opportunity to experience living the pure, harmonious and profound existence of Ethiopians.

Melkam Guzo
(Have a good journey)


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